How Revibe CBD Cream Helps Me Get Through the Day

3 min read - by Brian Selden 

I have gone through my fair share of various supplements for improved mental and physical health but nothing worked for me. After learning about all of the health benefits that hemp offered I decided to buy a popular tincture to try it out. The first night I tried this new supplement, I found myself holding hemp oil under my tongue for a minute (as advertised), as I walked around my apartment for an hour wondering, "is this working?" before heading to bed only to end up tossing and turning for another hour before drifting off to sleep.

Influencers that I know, love recommending various hemp products, but I figured most of them were health hoaxes.

So when I went hiking over the weekend with one of my friends, and he offered me a hemp product, I declined. I didn't want to take another placebo after my most recent experience.

He said it took him a while to find a hemp product that works well and that he only uses a transdermal cream called Revibe Wellness, because it absorbs way more easily than other hemp products. I told him I still didn't think that it would work for me, but he insisted on giving me a sample to take home anyway. He rubbed the lotion on his legs and we kept on hiking.

I forgot about the sample in my backpack, until I found myself scrolling through my newsfeed and saw someone else talking about all the wonders of hemp. What are the odds!

I jumped on google and did a quick search for Revibe CBD Cream. It turns out that they claim their cream is "5x more absorbent in the first 10 minutes compared to every other product in the market and lasts up to 8 hours". This sounded good to me.

I decided to rub a little bit on one side of my neck area where there was pain to see if it did anything. No harm, no foul.

It absorbed into my skin easily, and had a very light eucalyptus scent. This was just like putting on any other cream that I own.

About 10 minutes in I started to feel a slight amount of tension release but nothing remarkable. What on Earth were people raving about?!

Then, about 20 minutes in, it was as if all of my tension in my shoulders just melted away. Being a skeptic, I was curious how long this feeling of total relaxation would last for. It was subtle but noticeable. This was the feeling that I was hoping to experience all the other times that I tried these types of products. Just a nice relaxation without losing focus. I finished cooking my dinner, watched some TV and went to bed. 

I woke up the next morning refreshed, pain-free, and with a clear mind. How did this happen? Wow! I definitely wanted to continue to experience this new found feeling!

Revibe Wellness offers a 3oz tube with free 3-day shipping....which is a plus. I decided to purchase the 3oz tube and its been about a month now that I have been using it daily. I mostly use it at night to unwind from the day and am just about halfway through the tube I purchased. The cost of less than $1 a day to feel this good is so worth it. 

I now understand that hemp products are NOT created equally. So many companies are selling bad products to make a quick profit on this craze, so I am glad that I finally found a product that works as advertised. 

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