How Revibe Wellness Has Changed My Life

3 min read - by London Rosiere

This past year has been one of the most stressful times in my life. Navigating the challenges of Covid-19, being furloughed from my job, and seeing the country become divided during the midyear protests and the current election has had a massive impact on my Mental Well-Being. Recently, I have been back in the office and more often than not my stress levels have been unmanageable. When I reach that heightened level of stress, I freeze up and cant seem to get anything done.

The feeling lasts when I get home, which means that I'm getting barely any sleep.

A few weeks ago, as I was walking back from a meeting, I stopped by a co-workers desk to go over the current project that we were working on. After unloading how I have been feeling, Julie opened her desk drawer and handed me a lotion bottle and said "try this". I asked her what it was. "It's hemp. Try it." she replied. "It will make you feel better. I ordered this from Revibe Wellness after getting a sample at my local gym."

Hemp cream? At the office?! I had heard of it and seen it around, but I didn't know too much about it. "What does it do?"

She said its known to have many benefits, from Pain and Anxiety Relief to Sleep. "I take it for stress," she said, "but my mom takes it for her neck and back pain."

Even though Julie convinced me this is exactly what I needed, I was a bit nervous to take it.

I mean, what if it made me feel high? How would I know how much to take? Julie sent me the Revibe Wellness Website so I could read more about the product, and I found myself impressed with all the information that they had.

I decided to see if Revibe Wellness was the right brand for me so I did a quick search for other brands, but it became quickly obvious that the Revibe Wellness website was the most transparent. They have plenty of testimonials from real people and lots of information about CBD in general and how their product was developed by medical professionals. I chatted with someone of the live chat, and it was helpful to get all of my questions answered. It seemed like this product was what I have been missing in 2020. Plus it's just $39. So I decided to order it, and it arrived within a few days.

The great thing about Revibe CBD Cream is that its effects last up to 8-hours. So every morning after showering I would apply the cream to my neck, shoulders, and arms (as instructed by a company representative). The reason you apply it to these areas is due to the fact that Revibe Wellness is a "transdermal" cream, meaning that the CBD penetrates through the skin barrier and into your bloodstream. This allows for enhanced CBD delivery and time released effects.

I would feel very relaxed and focused during the day. The change in mindset was noticeable from day one. I also have made Revibe Wellness part of my nighttime routine as well. My sleep has been better than its been in a long time and I wake up feeling alert and ready without any grogginess. 

Revibe Wellness made my experience trying hemp so much less scary thanks to their informative website and helpful service. I never thought hemp would be for me, but I'm so glad that I tried it. My entire customer experience with Revibe Wellness was great, from navigating the site, to chatting with someone, to being able to read the many authentic reviews before purchasing the product. I would recommend Revibe CBD Cream to anyone who would like to try hemp but is unsure of where to begin.

If you have any questions, you can call Revibe Wellness directly at 619-800-1838 or email them at

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