Start Your Mornings Off Right with Revibe’s CBD Awake Tincture

We all know the feeling of dragging our bodies out of bed, or just barely functioning at work.  It can be hard sometimes to get that much-needed little boost of energy, as many of us get it from caffeine in the form of coffee, or by guzzling down energy drinks.  The problem is that many of our go-to options for getting started in the morning can cause us to crash and burn just hours later, while in the meantime making us feel more frazzled and wired than invigorated, calm, cool, and collected.

There is, however, a new type of product on the market that is gentle, holistic, and capable of making you feel exhilarated early on in the day.  CBD tinctures in general are becoming extremely popular among those who need a little help getting started, but do not want to rely on sugar, carbs, or caffeine. Revibe’s Awake Tincture offers a natural and gentle solution for your early-morning needs, thanks to a rich array of hemp compounds that work synergistically to get you started on the right foot.

CBD in the Morning

A lot of people associate cannabidiol (CBD) with sleep and are therefore surprised at the concept of taking it in the morning.  After all, if CBD is as calming as most people say it is, then wouldn’t it just make us have a harder time wanting to get out of bed?  Well, not exactly.

Studies have shown that cannabidiol has an effect on energy homeostasis, which isn’t surprising given what we know about cannabinoids.  Through the endocannabinoid system, CBD binds to cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system that influence our natural energy cycle throughout the day.  This means that taking cannabidiol in the morning could potentially enhance our feelings of being awake and ready for the day ahead, while taking it at night could potentially enhance our ability to wind down as needed in order to fall asleep.

Besides that, there are other compounds that come from the hemp plant that have distinctive properties that can either give us a boost or help us unwind.  A CBD formula containing extracts of the former compounds could be particularly useful during the first half of the day, when so many of us could use an extra spring in our step to tackle our jobs and other daytime responsibilities.

Why Choose Revibe CBD Awake Tincture to Start Your Morning Off Right With?

At Revibe, we couldn’t be prouder of our CBD Awake Tincture, which was carefully formulated after doing loads of research on individual hemp compounds.  This tincture is easy to take, because all you need to do is pour a full dropper below the tongue and let it sit there for one minute before swallowing.  It’s gentle on the body and not associated with the jittery feeling that caffeine is known for, nor the crash that is inevitable when we stock up on sugar to feel a rush of energy.

Revibe’s CBD Awake Tincture contains a unique blend of hemp-derived compounds that share a synergistic relationship with one another to amplify each other’s properties through the entourage effect.  We use broad spectrum hemp extract that’s rich in terpenes thoughtfully chosen for their uplifting properties as opposed to their calming properties.  This tincture can be taken daily, and like all tinctures, the effects typically peak within 45 minutes and last for about 4 to 5 hours depending on your body’s means for metabolizing cannabinoids.

  • No Additives or Fillers: Our CBD Awake Tincture is completely free of fillers and additives that don’t actually enhance the formula in any way. The tincture consists solely of pure hemp compounds, MCT oil and naturally derived flavoring.
  • Enhanced with Terpenes: We enhance our tincture with terpenes found in the hemp plant, which help boost the absorption of CBD through synergy while presenting the body with their own distinctive properties that can be useful during the daytime hours.
  • THC-Free: Because we use broad spectrum hemp extract, you can enjoy a completely THC-free hemp experience, as the formula contains 0% THC. Meanwhile, all of the other useful cannabinoids in hemp are present in the tincture, complementing one another harmoniously as nature intended.
  • 1200mg Per Bottle: Each 30ml bottle contains 1200 milligrams of broad spectrum hemp extract, which translates to 40 milligrams of pure hemp goodness per dose.
  • Vegan, Soy-Free and Sugar-Free: The formula is vegan, soy-free and sugar-free, making it perfect for those with vegan lifestyles, allergies to soy and intolerances to sugar.
  • Fast-Absorbing: We undergo a series of advanced processes that enhance bioavailability so that each dropper full of this tincture absorbs into the body in a highly efficient and fast manner. This results in more efficacy overall, with effects that you can feel shortly after administration.
  • Lab-Tested for Quality: Each batch of our broad spectrum hemp extract is carefully analyzed by a third-party laboratory before being added to our tincture formula. This process allows us to verify that what we are working with is pure, clean, high in quality and free of unwanted microbes.

How to Take a Revibe CBD Awake Tincture

Our CBD Awake Tincture typically peaks within 45 minutes, as said earlier, so make sure to time your dose so that you can feel its effects in action when you most need them during the first half of the day.  This formula can be taken with coffee, and this can actually offer its own distinctive synergistic experience by balancing out the stronger effects of caffeine.  It could take up to two weeks of daily administration to truly feel the full potential that this hemp compound blend has to offer, as the endocannabinoid system can take a small amount of time to fully utilize the compounds that it is being fed.


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