Taking CBD After Getting a COVID Shot

Millions of Americans have already gotten the COVID vaccine, and on a national scale, demand isn’t slowing down anytime soon.  Naturally, many of those who are getting the shot are CBD users as more and more Americans are taking hemp on a daily basis for various purposes. 

We know that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) offers many guidelines pertaining to the COVID vaccine, including the side effects that may occur as well as what you should and should not do while recovering from the shot.  That being said, there is no official guidance when it comes to using cannabidiol (CBD) following a shot, which has left many avid hemp users wondering whether or not it is actually safe or advisable to take their daily cannabidiol dose following their appointment.

Is it Dangerous to Get the COVID Shot as a CBD User?

First and foremost, we must point out that various health experts have stated that using CBD of any kind does not seem to put a person at risk of negative effects after getting the COVID vaccine.  What this means is that you should not abstain from getting vaccinated because you are someone who extensively uses hemp in any form.  There have been zero reports of a person experiencing particularly negative side effects due to the fact that they maintain certain levels of CBD or any other hemp compounds in their systems.  Generally, the COVID vaccine is considered to be safe and effective regardless of whether or not you use CBD on a regular basis.

What Happens if I Take My Daily Dose of CBD After Getting the Shot?

The CDC has advised that people refrain from using NSAIDs after getting the COVID shot, because these medications, which include Tylenol and Advil, have a suppressing effect on the immune system.  The COVID vaccine, like all vaccines, temporarily weakens the immune system by introducing compounds that behave like the illness the vaccine is attempting to prevent, and even the current technologies behind the mRNA shots that are in circulation have this immune effect.  Taking an NSAID drug can therefore prevent the vaccine from fully doing its job by suppressing the immune response that is in fact necessary to both activate and process the vaccine formula.

Cannabidiol has been noted for its anti-inflammatory properties that seem to work in both a localized manner and in the immune system as a whole.  So, given the fact that NSAIDs are not advised after a dose of the COVID shot due to suppressing the immune system, what does this say about cannabidiol?  Well, the short answer is that we don’t know.  There have been no studies specifically on CBD use after a COVID vaccine, so we don’t know how the compound’s effects on inflammation interfere with the efficacy of the vaccine itself. 

However, cannabidiol is not an NSAID drug, and we know that its effects tend to work more subtly and systemically.  Without a doubt, many people have used CBD immediately following the jab, and again, we have not heard any negative reports about this type of interaction.  We cannot say that it is safe to proceed with your hemp routine, simply because that would be irresponsible due to our inability to back up what we’re saying with an actual clinical study.  But, as CBD is gentle, it is likely okay.

Your Doctor Knows Best

Yes, you should speak with your doctor if you are a CBD user who plans on getting the COVID shot.  Your doctor, again, can offer personalized medical advice, and can take into consideration your unique circumstances to determine whether or not you can safely take cannabidiol after your shot, in a way that is both unlikely to cause side effects and unlikely to interfere with the vaccine.

Topical vs. Internal Cannabidiol Delivery Methods

If you want to use CBD following your COVID vaccine and wish to do so as cautiously as possible, we recommend a topical formula if that’s compatible with your needs.  Topicals do not actually have a notable effect on the immune system because they only work in a localized manner, with the cannabinoid attaching solely to cannabinoid receptors in the joints, muscle, skin, and nerves of the area of application. 

Of course, topical solutions are only useful for localized issues like soreness and other forms of deep tissue inflammation, as opposed to more internal issues pertaining to mood, digestion and so on.

Also, the potential for CBD to interact with the COVID vaccine in some way is largely dose-dependent.  If your doctor has told you to take CBD daily through some internal method like a tincture, it is possible that the dose that you are taking daily is still compatible with the vaccine.  However, this is a conversation that must be had with your doctor once again, as we cannot offer personalized medical advice to any individual.

Using CBD During the Recovery Process

In fact, many people are turning to CBD topicals following the COVID vaccine.  The most commonly reported side effect of the shot is soreness in the arm where the vaccine was administered.  The soreness can range from mild to severe, and although it’s quite temporary, can get in the way with our normal routines.  Topicals are perfect for this type of issue, as again, they work in a localized manner, absorbing efficiently into the deep tissue.  If your arm is feeling sore following the shot, it’s unlikely that an application of a topical will interfere with the vaccine.

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