Revibe MSM + Hemp Cream

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  • 500 mg CBD 

  • Highly Concentrated for Rapid Results

  • Non-Psychoactive (0.00% THC)

  • Developed by Medical Professionals

  • All-Natural Relief


Why Revibe CBD Relief Cream? Unlike most CBD products that are ingested orally, applying CBD topically provides direct absorption into your body, with up to 4x greater results. Topical application has been proven to be the most effective way to experience CBD. Registered as an OTC product, Revibe CBD Cream provides fast, long lasting relief.

Eliminate Body Aches - Revibe CBD reduces inflammation and relieves muscle tension, which is the main cause of body aches, so you can feel like yourself again.

Calm Your Mind - Revibe CBD eases your mind and calms your nerves. When used at night, you'll experience improved sleep with longer periods of undisrupted rest so you can wake up feeling refreshed and focused.


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