Revibe CBD Cream

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  • 500 mg CBD (3oz Tube)
  • Non-Psychoactive (0.00% THC)
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Developed by Medical Professionals

Feel Balanced

Recover FasterWhen your back aches and your knees creak, Revibe can reduce inflammation and help relieve muscle tension so you can feel like yourself again.

Sleep BetterWhen there aren’t enough sheep to count, Revibe can help you fall asleep faster and ensure longer periods of undisrupted zzz’s so you can have a better tomorrow.

Reduce Mental Burnout - When things get hectic and your stomach is in knots, Revibe can ease your mind and calm you down so you can live in the present and have a better day

Satisfaction Guarantee.

30 days to try it and love it - or it's on us.

Directions: For sore muscles and joints, apply directly to the area in need. For better sleep and to reduce mental burnout, apply to thin skinned areas, such as your forearms, back of neck, and temples. Repeat daily for optimal wellness.


Testing and Analysis

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"Revibe Wellness is the only CBD product that I recommend to my patients due to the tested and proven level of CBD bioavailability"

– Dr. Zunaira Shabbir, MD

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